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  1. Freaking a, it's alive thanks all, if you were here i'd kiss you maybe more but lets save that for another time.
  2. Sweet, am now on cwm recovery screen ooop hadn't refreshed page, didn't see your post redflake. Is it a case of downloading the rom, renaming it to update and install zip from sdcard?
  3. [Edit] Sorry didn't see the 'Help I'm New And I Can't Do... ' thread Ite recently bought a g300 off the bay with cwm recovery installed. Wanted to improve the audio so tried downloading the beats drivers, didn't back up as i had no idea what i was doing. Rebooted and it stayed on android startup, still does. So went ahead to try and find out how to reinstall original ics and any rom i try and install with the hold both volume buttons and load .dload from sd technique it gets to about a 3rd way through and stops. Got to the point where i need to ask you guys the best way to fix this as i'm out of ideas. Also cwm recovery no longer loads. So if i've f**ked it oh well its only money if not cool and would greatly appreciate any help. Pic is from the ebay auction.