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  1. Unfortunately, this will probably catch on, I'm speechless... http://t.co/CrL5s00G

  2. I read quite a few pages of this thread and the thread for the Quick Settings Control Panel by kevdliu that's in this ROM, and when I check the toggles I want and then hit Apply, it restarts SystemUI as it should just fine. If I swipe down I see my photo and the toggles, but within 5 - 10 seconds those go away totally, no picture, no toggles. I can re-apply my settings and they may/may not appear, question is, am I not doing something that I should be to have these appear when I swipe down the status bar? If that's the case, please let me know. Thank you!
  3. What it's December 12, 2012...Wednesday. RT @cortland1998: Stop saying today's date!!!!!!! We know what today is.