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  1. Can someone host it on a normal site? Dropbox or something normal.. not full of spam.. TY.
  2. Show ur Screenshots

    Ok.. backround? Launcher? Lock screen, widget? :)
  3. drivers for windows 8.1

    http://amint.ro/s500/usb_driver.zip - install manual the inf in device manager..
  4. Show ur Screenshots

    Nicee, skin/icon pack name? :) Ty.
  5. Errors during CM10.1 build

    Yeah, SlimRom is nice ;).

    U replied me? :)

    Hi.. with this work with unlocked bootloader, and CM10v7 installed?
  8. I think is caused by the lock screen.. Replaced ith with GoLocker, lets see if it will happens again..
  9. Need to take the battery out.
  10. Same here, got this freeze like 2 times in 4-5 days :). The phone is alive, i tried to call myself from an another phone, and it rings..
  11. Do like this: Wipe, install the rom, install the gapps, reboot. Wipe the cache, and the dalvik cache too (advanced menu).
  12. ?? I mean the phone number and the name, its small vs the stock rom..
  13. Any way/settings for the call screen to be bigger?
  14. U installed the gapps also?