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  1. on firts page i read that to install it if someone have a problem with storrage. xD But what i must to do to install everythig on microSD card? Sorry ;]
  2. one more time. at first i download the latest version. In file menager i cant access to microSD card. Then i download ota fix wipe everything and one more time install latet version + ota fix. and still cant access to microSD card
  3. ok. I have a liite problem.. ROM is avesome but... i download ota fix to change my sdcard to sdcard2 but when i run file menager i can only open internal sorrage not sdcard ...
  4. Czach

    [DEV] Ubuntu Touch [ROM]

    so how to install this room?
  5. on my g300 i cant enable 3g and settings app works very slow
  6. It's any adapter for android or g300 where i can use dual sim?
  7. Czach

    Best Custom Rom ?

    Slim Rom is the best
  8. Czach

    [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

    very good rom for me
  9. but when i try to install it i have this problem o.O
  10. I download Baidu_ROM20_english.zip from your google cloud.
  11. my old is from latest page and i want to install: https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B4huyVgvdssGdFozM3RlTWtqaTg/edit?docId=0B4huyVgvdssGWl9Benk4NF94Uk0 and every time when i want o install it after 5 sec i have a messeage "random offset" and then "install successful" but still old rom
  12. but when i restart telephone i have not this firmware just old.
  13. Hi ! when i try to install it via CWM i have a error random offset: 0x266 and installation abort. Any idea?