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  1. Run prety smooth here. Swappen my wifi only version to a 3G model. Been using the MR1 kernel from metallice (xda) in combination with this ROM. Butter smooth.
  2. Cheers mate, will have to wait for another option then. No offence intended, but there is a pretty clear written manual attached to the AIO tool which explain in details what number you should press in the utility ;)
  3. Got my self a African Intel Yolo (Intel Medfield) Looking for way to obtain root access :)

  4. Thanks for you response mate, not too lucky I am afraid: 3.0.8-138325-ge2af803 [email protected] #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Dec 13 23:51:27 CST 2012
  5. That is indeed wise advice. But it's a <100usd phone, and am just going to sell it if I can't obtain root. The standard ROM is fast enough but I need root to make a few thing easier. Also it's just a gadget phone. I did try is actually. option 7 obtain r00t. Phone comes up with the restore option. It failed to restart a few times but when it did it did not manage to push the required files to the phone. Possibly due to a different organized directory structure. Would be awesome to get root on this phone so any feedback is welcome :)
  6. Just wanted to get some advice on a phone which is probably not very popular in the west (since you can't get it there). Intel in cooperation with a Kenyan service provider released an exclusive phone called the Intel Yolo (Yolo? Yes really trolling it Intel) based on the medfield platform. I managed to get one of these phones (around 100usd). http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-57565784-94/intels-yolo-low-cost-smartphone-debuts/ It's amazing fast and comes with a Vanilla ICS version. Only thing that's lacking is root. I was wondering if anybody here (an expert) would know if I could use this method to obtain root? If nobody knows I am just going to try it :P
  7. Hi Paul, Thanks for this awesome ROM. Became a member, not so much because of the custom kitchen, which is a very nice supplement. But mainly because I like your direct interaction with the users. Keep up the good work! Using JR12 in combination with Metallice his A23 kernel (666mhz LP). Works excellent. Just flashed a custom made JR12, but seem to missing my bottom buttons and top menu. Can't seem to figure out if it's one of the custom mod I selected.
  8. Enjoying the Nexus 7 experience

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