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  1. Jiayu G2 Review

    It's just those 2 little nubs above the camera. I had a second attempt at opening my phone, but I can't get it to go. I'm sure I just need to pull it a little harder, but i don't want to damage my brand new phone
  2. Jiayu G2 Review

    my wifi works, but only within abut 3 metres of my router. If i go further away the connection drops out. On the Jiayu BBS, people are saying that the connection to the 2.4ghz aerial isn't very good, you need to open the back, bend out some connectors and close it again. I tried opening mine, but i can't get the inside back off, i took out the 4 screws, but it's really tightly clipped in. has anyone got the back of their phone. Here's a link to the thread with the images of the inside of the phone: http://bbs.ejiayu.com/thread-351888-3-1.html