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  1. what is the best rom for you?(be Positive)

    يااه... فرويوو فعلا مينفعش نستحمل الموبايل ده خااااااااااااالص\
  2. optimized kernel

    It's Over. The days of the pulse are done. and the days of pulse.modaco.com too. Although, I am using this kernel. And.....ITS OVER. BYE FOREVER. <<locked myself out of this thread>>
  3. optimized kernel

    shenduo will be gb or ics or jb? can anyone port an ics from a similiar device to the pulse? @Pedrojaime you just got yourself some neat looking buttons
  4. optimized kernel

    Hey,Desalesouche, Sup? whats your next project (ROM)? Emotion UI? Improve the ICS made by pier11 and dr.flo? Paranoid? MIUIv4?? ANY OTHER ROM?????
  5. optimized kernel

    i will take the wifi libs and the system/wifi from cyanmobile 2.3.7 and init.d
  6. optimized kernel

    Will you try the system/wifi for me? since i didnt get the cyanx 2013 rom. if it works, Y FEEL LIKE: OOOOH SOMETIMES!! I GOOT A GOOD FEELING!! YEAHH!!!!
  7. optimized kernel

    Desalesouche!!! MAN!!! Did you try THIS kernel on the cyanx 2013 ROM? If yes, IS WIFI WORKING?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!??!?!!??!???!!!???!!!?!!!
  8. How much did you accomplish and fix in this cyanx rom? and when will it release?
  9. GO DESALESOUCHE! GO DESALESOUCHE! I wish all the success fot you Mr.desalesouche. Keep up the good work you and the dev. Is it a port from a device or a fresh build for (pulse)? By the way,Will it have the stylish JB statusbar and the ICS animations or the nicely tweaked settings? I saw these looovely stuff on the DHD forum at xda. It was the 2.3.8 CM Experience.
  10. Good Job,Desalesouche! Keep up the good work. Try to fix the camera and the fc'ing apps. I think this ROM will be gr8.
  11. Hey, Long time no see modaco. I am waiting like you @desalesouche. I think this ROM will squeeze the juice out of my pulse and actually this CM Experience rom,no lag,dialer works,MMI works,everything is stable and fine. PS: I am so sad that this forum is starting to lose it's life. People are leaving their pulses and getting another devices. The G300 forum is very very very active and they make a lot of roms for it. but this forum....maybe only 5. They have around mooooore than 16-17 ROMs. But,Nothing. It may end up with me leaving pulse.MoDaCo.com and leave to device.modaco.com or a XDA forum for it. So I will be leaving MoDaCo itself until i find a totally new ROM or totally new roms. but,but, Goodbye for a while, MoDaCo.
  12. Super Pulse Guide

  13. Super Pulse Guide

    Super Pulse Guide 2 1-Heya,Noobies,Pulse newbies,any intrested people in the SUPER DUPER PULSE GUIDE VOL.2!!! Ok we here will learn how to's and guides. 1-Dsixda's Awesome Kitchen. (give him lots of thanks) Tools Needed: Dsixda's special cygwin - Used to run the kitchen. Kitchen itself - we cook in it our ROMS. Note: the kitchen will be named Android-Kitchen 0.218. JAVA JDK - INSTALL THIS BEFORE ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find the links at:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1801690 Download dsixda kitchen from GitHub source. HOW TO DO THIS: 1-Download and extract the cygwin_packages.zip 2-Run the set up(make sure there is no previous cygwin installation) 3-NOTE: INSTALL CYGWIN IN ROOT DISK LIKE C:\ Follow the kitchen read me txt!!! local package directory *must* be the path to the cygwin_packages folder that you just extracted. Look. Firstly,Choose the Install from local blah blah. then the path must be INSIDE that cygwin packages. 4- Instead of all default, Make it all install. 5- Wait a sec and be patient.If Cygwin is done, Open it. wait till u see ex: [email protected] 6- close cygwin. Then rename kitchen's folder instead of android kitchen to just kitchen. then copy that kitchen into c:/cygwin/home/username. IMPORTANT NOTICE: If ur username has spaces like John smith,Put Kitchen in c:/cygwin/home. 7-those who have their kitchen like this C:\cygwin\home\kitchen use these commands. cd ../kitchen( press enter) ./menu ( press enter ) 8-If you got the gray texted screen, HURRAYY! ------------------------------------------------------------------- How to use this Kitchen: Step Two: Setting up a working folder THERE ARE TWO METHODS FOR THIS. 1. WHEN YOU HAVE BASE ROM AVAILABLE. 2. WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE BASE ROM. FIRST METHOD - First our folder structure should look like this: Code: cygwin folder/home/your user name/kitchen Inside the kitchen it should look like this: original_update scripts tools menu readme Now we need a rom to work on, you can use any rom. Just Place the original rom zip in the original_update folder inside the kitchen. run the cygwin.exe again type: Code: cd kitchen(enter) ./menu(enter) now enter option 1, enter again. You should see your rom listed, choose and enter you will be asked about changing the working folders name, at this point it makes no difference so just continue. congratulations you have a working folder!!! SECOND METHOD - this method is by neroyoung FIRST MAKE A WORKING FOLDER IN CYGWIN FOLDER Quote: IT SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS cygwin folder/home/your user name/kitchen/WORKING_(your rom name) NOTE: FOR THIS MEETHOD WE NEED 3 FILES AND FOLDERS TO BE PLACED IN WORKING FOLDER. 1. META-INF FOLDER - GET THIS FROM DOWNLOAD FILES LIST IN FIRST POST 2. SYSTEM FOLDER - TUTORIAL BELOW 3. BOOT.IMG - TUTORIAL BELOW 2. getting system folder (NOTE - YOU MUST BE ROOTED FOR THIS MEDHOD) This is universal method and can be done easily using terminal emulator. For this simply download Terminal Emulator from Android Market. we need freshly flashed device here. OTHERWISE YOU WILL HAVE LOT OF JUNK FILES. Open it and type: Quote: su tar -c system/* >> sdcard/system.tar This will copy all your /system folder to your SDcard with name System.tar This will take some time to finish so be patient. After it's done you should have a tar file in your /sdcard named system.tar You can extract it using Winrar or 7zip software. But yes this will have huge size , as it has other useless folders so you will have to delete them. After extracting this system.tar file you will get following folders (Similar one) Quote: /etc /fonts /framework /lib /lost-found /media /sd /semc /usr /xbin build.prop And some other files and folders like ""autorooted,kernel files" etc Now simply delete the folders marked in red color and its done.Don't worry if you don't have folders with red colors above,we don't need them. And the final files that we will have in our system folders will be /app /bin /etc /fonts /framework /lib /media /semc /usr /xbin build.prop If it dont have semc folder no need to worry. NOTE: YOU CAN ALSO GET THIS SYSTEM FOLDER BY USING ANY ROOT BROWSER. JUST FIND THIS FOLDER AND COPY/EXTRACT TO SDCARD NOW COPY THIS system FOLDER TO WORKING FOLDER 3. getting boot.img Here we have 2 options 1. stock boot.img from stock rom - simple kernel which we get in brand new mobile. 2. custom boot.img from custom kernel - kernel which are modified for overclock or other features Quote: 1. getting stock boot.img from stock rom. extract your stock rom with winrar or 7zip. you will see boot.img there. copy it to working folder 2. getting custom boot.img from custom kernel. download any custom kernel which is only for your device. extract it with winrar or 7zip and copy boot.img to working folder NOTE: many of new devices have kernel.bin and other files instead of boot.img so skip this part if your device don't have it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MOD TIME! Adding/removing applications 1. Go to the working folder where you extracted your rom. 2. Then go to "system/app" inside this folder you will find all the rom applications(apks) you may also find some in the data folder if your rom has this folder. 3. Copy, replace, and change any app(apk) be carefull if you dont know what the apk is do not delete!! If you can not find some apps in this guide then try opening all those app in your phone and see app name and icon or move those apps from system/app to sdcard and see what is not working... THEMING: 1. replace stock launcher with launchers like nova launcher or holo launcher 2. theming using uot kitchen (fonts, status bar, batery and other icons etc Adding ringtones : Take your ringtone file...it should be in .ogg format..If not then convert it to .ogg.. Locate to the folder system>media>audio>ringtones> Copy and paste your .ogg files here in ringtones folder.. You can also change notifications, alarm and UI tones like this.. Changing the Fonts : Take your desired font.ttf file and rename it as DroidSans.ttf.. Locate to the folder system>fonts> Now, replace the file DroidSans.ttf with your desired DoridSans.ttf... To change the lock screen clock font...replace the Clocktopia.ttf with your desired one..(rename first).. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- REPACK AND FLASHING TIME! AND AT LAST Now that you have made some changes it's time to pack the rom and test!! Run the cygwin and type Quote: cd kitchen(enter) ./menu(enter) enter option 99 - "biuld rom from working folder" Choose your build option and few more enters I recommend that you go with all default options until you get more experience with the kitchen. When rom is packed and signed it will ask to change rom zip name (type name of your rom) When its all done you will find a folder inside "cygwin/home/yousername/kitchen" called output_zip Inside the folder is your new rom ready to be flashed and tested!!! congratulations you have built your own rom! TO BE CONTINUED.
  14. [Development][ROM] cm9

    I don't have the g300. But i MAY Get it soon. so the people at g300 forums can do a dump. and give us maybe the required files: Like systemui.apk - framework-res.apk - launchername.apk - weatherwidgetname.apk - setting.apk and these stuff maybe