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    Jiayu G2 Review

    Thanks for the review. Partly on its strength I bought 2 x 512MB Dual Core for my parents for Xmas to free them from the tyranny of the feature phone. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Original-4-0-MTK6577-Dual-Core-mobile-phone-Jiayu-G2-1GB-512MB-4GB-1-GHz-0/675583398.html Cost around £100 landed in UK with DHL (best carrier), inc extra battery, case and screen-protector. Got here after one false start - they got caught by a battery spot check on their way out and had to go back for some ridiculous volume of paperwork (never had this before and everything I've brought in from China has a Li battery). Took around a week in total, rather than a few days. Only used a little, but very impressed with the specs and build quality. I think the size and weight is quite decent. The trick to get the back off is to insert a credit card in the slot on the base - an intentional design feature I assume, which works well. Mine also did not have a wobbly home key. I will let you know how my parents got on using them for a while.