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  1. witch rom ?

    Funny hey I see my mistake now, but it's my 4th language after Dutch,German and French I am Belgian , and now which Rom ???
  2. witch rom ?

    Sorry for posting here , but i have a acer E2 liquid V370 with a single sim now running on android 4.2.2 (acer_AV061_V370_1.006.00_WGEN1s ) kernel is [email protected] #2 . Is there any custom rom i could flash ? I am rooted and i have cwm installed . Thank you !!!
  3. low ringtone volume

    thanks , will give it a try
  4. low ringtone volume

    How can we increase the ringtone and notification volume ? Any way with build prop editor or with any app ?
  5. KitKat

    Hello , Wbrambley your post helped me out . I unzipped the file and only put the update app on my sd card and not the downl folder . stupid of me , phone is rebooting now !!! Thanks a lot !!! :D
  6. KitKat

    Oke will try that thanks
  7. KitKat

    formatted with pc ,didn't work , formatted with another phone (samsung ) don't work . Wich program must i use ?
  8. KitKat

    Thanks man no problem
  9. KitKat

    sorry no recovery at all , only huawei logo or pink screen when force flash ( with flashable firmware on SD card ) also pc doesen't see sd card when in phone . Got to pull sd card put the flash zip on ( is a clean sd card ) then put it back in phone . Restart phone (power button and volume up and down same time ) then i get full pink screen . I think phones death . :(
  10. KitKat

    Yesterday bricked g300 on samsung chip.changed to cm11 but had no sync with google contacts or agenda.then wanted to change back to cm 9.Did full wipe then changed cwm from R7 back to R3 . But no reboot in recovery .stuck on huawei logo. Then tried a force flash of b952 firmware .No result , only pink screen. Today bought acer E2 rooted it right away . But maybe someone has options to unbrick g300 ? Was such a good phone !
  11. KitKat

    Sorry for 'crowding up ' but I just wanted to see wath respons I would get ;)
  12. probably you are on 2030 baseband , search forum for ics to gb patch , install right after rom install .Or try ics roms or jb .
  13. Can I overclock ? atomicmod running on 2030 baseband with ics to gb patch ?
  14. Mpuleston, be shure to do a nandroid backup with cm before flashing anything , also check baseband to see witch roms are compatible with your device , or use ics to gb patch if needed . And reed many topics of custom roms , so you are shure wath you want from your custom rom , longer standby time , overclock for playing games etc......