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  1. I totally agree with you on the audio jack issue! I wonder what kind of pockets they think we have :unsure:. As for the apps icons that disappeared, i ussualy move them by mistake into folders, and when i need them, it's really annoying that i have to search all the app pages and folders. You said audio quality is good..... well on mine, the playback volume is really low ( same thing like on my other Huawei, the G300 ). Really annoying when i use the public transports.
  2. My first impression is very good. It's very fast, the screen is awesome, games run very smooth ( though there is a bit of lag when loading the game or the level, but during gameplay no lag at all), the camera is fabulous, very detailed and very natural .... and plus a whole bunch of other good aspects about it. But i found 2 things that i consider them as a minus. First, charging time. + 3h to charge i think it's a bit long. And the second ( well this may be only in my head lol), on the headphones, the music sound good, but in my opinion, not loud enough, What do you guys think?
  3. Get a new phone or change the mainboard. On mine it was a fried memory module.
  4. I If you have warranty i suggest to leave it up to them. On mine they changed the motherboard.
  5. Got it fixed. I send it to warranty and they changed the main board. It seams the the memory module was fried ( or something like this ). Thank you all who were kind enough and tried to help: :)
  6. So, this means that i got my self a bricked phone ?
  7. Yes i can boot into to recovery mode, but this is the only thing i get in recovery mode : E: failed to mount /cache ( invalid argument ) E: can't mount /cache / recovery / comand E: can't mount data /fota/ ipth-muc.prop. As for the restore factory default.... no can do because the phone doesn't boot completely, freezes on the Huawei logo. Is there another way to do that ?
  8. Already tried that. Doesn't work because i don't know what baseband i have, but most important when i start the phone using vol down key the computer doesn't detect it. I changed the USB port, the cable, SD card, checked the drivers ..... nothing.
  9. Tried it... Update failed :((
  10. Okay, tried to flash the middle package, but it didn't work either. but i found on my SD card a log that says : filename = /mmc1/dload/update.app call RCV_MODULE_END_EVENT failed,module = OEMSBL_VER CMD=0xf,moduleaddr = 0xea000000, len_tmp=0x58 filename = /mmc1/dload/update.app call RCV_MODULE_END_EVENT failed,module = OEMSBL_VER_LIST CMD=0xf,moduleaddr = 0xe9000000, len_tmp=0x19 I don't understand nothing
  11. No because i don't have access to the internal storage :(
  12. Big problem with that. The phone doesn't start
  13. Okay and how do i do that ?
  14. Okay, after 20 tries i finally managed to download the update. Extracted the dload folder on to the 8 Gb SD card, started the phone in force update mode, but after the unpacking was done, i get update failed. So i tried again, but this time with the charger plugged in and with update on a different card ( 16 GB ).... same result :( Any clues ?
  15. trying that now .... only if the download would start -_-...

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