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  1. Thank you all. The first thing I did with your instructions is the nandroid. I don't actually need it 'cause I stay with october release and it is perfect, no problem at all with anything. I asked just to know for those who messed up with new versions and would like to get back due to many problems they have. I'll report the simple use of sp flash tool and version on forums where I attend.
  2. I stay with ICS too. I read too many people having problems of any kind with all the modded JB and the beta. It would be appreciated a HOW TO get back to official 4.0.4 :)
  3. @putbinoot I translated part of your guide for an italian forum, obviously all credits and thanks to you, I explicited that.
  4. Thank you! I actually mean: how does it perform? Since the stock rom seems to be the best for performance and stability, I will upgrade it when there are real improvements, not just 'cause I like to do so...... :-)
  5. Sygic is the best on my opinion. But it's not free, you can test it for one week, at least you can test GPS
  6. DroidOFr: please resize the pictures, it takes a long time to load the whole page......
  7. take a look: http://www.jiayumobileshop.com/blog/the-gps-problem-about-jiayug3.html
  8. I used fastergps to fix it on europe and then you can try gps test. It works great.
  9. putbinoot: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!! GREAT !!! :D