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  1. Random wipe?

    Just found out the phone decided that it didn't want Youtube app either when restoring itself nice! Good job it's downloadable.
  2. Random wipe?

    Yeah seems i have sorted the problem exactly what was put above disabled mobile data phone was deep sleeping... So deleted all the apn and inputed the giffgaff apn and mms settings and the phone is now deep sleeping :)! Should have really tried this at the start but didntt think it would be an issue and my GF would only be using wifi. Also benchmarks have increased in the handset so everything seems great. Guess the phone was searching for data to connect to all the time?
  3. Random wipe?

    After recovering the phone so everything was stock i installed CPU Spy and done a quick 30 mins test the phone was at 1008 mhz 14 mins and deep sleep only 5 mins something is causing it to be awake but it's a fresh install? Unsure what to do :S! Edit-: Also noticed that when i did the factory reset and checked the memory of the phone the pictures wallpapers and random stuff were still on the phone. Unsure what to do with it as 8 hours with very light use is just not acceptable imo. Edit 2 -: Ok i have sort of found the problem but not very helpful... When the simcard is removed the phone goes in to deep sleep and the battery seems to be performing like it should... Tested and this has done it with my GF's simcard (Giffgaff) and my Simcard (o2) could it be to do with the settings not being inputed? (Clutching at straws here)...
  4. Random wipe?

    Yeah as long as i doesn't consatantly do it i'll be happy because my missus would sure not be happy with me haha... Is ICS more stable? As i have been avoiding it as i have read a few reports that it slows the phone down. Also while i am on it the battery life on the handset is quite shocking. This is from 100% charged -: My SG2 was pulled about the same time and down to 85% with about the same usage any idea what could be causing it? Edit-: Also when comparing it to mine it doesn't say Android OS or Android System strange?
  5. Random wipe?

    Well i tryed to have a little tinker with the phone updated to b895 from b892 that didn't help... So added MagicLocker (From play store) with the jelly bean theme it's so much better imo anywho with the added features... And the Vodafone bloatware has disappeared which is a good thing. However they must be a reason why it it just randomly reset itself and wiped everything (icluding the bloatware and the screenlock) and a little worried it will happen again :|.
  6. Hi all my GF got her phone today for Xmas from me and i was inputting contacts in from her old phone and her old phone asked for the sim card to be put in so she could access her contacts... So i switched off the g300 put the sim card in her old phone and booted the phone up and installed all the contacts from her old phone then shut it down. Here's where the fun starts when i put the sim card to be rebooted the phone starts like it did when i first booted it up, then up pops the screen the with the android dude go through the steps and find out that everything has gone from the phone. What is weirder is the lock screen has reverted to the stock gingerbread version and all the Vodafone bloat ware (game,apps etc..) have disappeared. Tried hard factory resetting it with the volume up and power buttons but it boots up the same. This ever happened to anyone apart from myself? As i have found it very very weird that removing the battery after shutting down the phone could do this. Thanks for any help x Edit-: After checking all the functions of the phone there fine barring one important feature the screen look pops up when you have a call but can't answer :S... Well that was strange happened once then was fine the following few times.
  7. Rows of small black dots.

    Thanks puts my mind at ease :)! Hope you all have a good xmas x
  8. Hi all i have gotten the G300 for my GF for xmas and when turning it to make sure it worked i noticed that they is rows of dots with maybes 5 mm space between each one and it covers the full screen this is only visible when titled at an angle to describe them would be like very fine pin prick holes. Also when the screen is bright white i can see them faintly but not all it depends on the viewing angle. I done a Google and it says that its the digitizers matrix the thing that understands your touch. Everyone's the same? Just making sure this is normal for the screen as i have never noticed them on my sg2. Also sorry if this question has been asked multiple times. Cheers x