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  1. I have this version (before R4). In both versions - if I set govermont from ondemand to interactive, and change min cpu and max cpu, after restart phone is again govermont odnemand (not set interactive) and min/max cpu is not set!
  2. properties: Actual Android for this phone is only JB 4.1.2. ROOT by Framaroot 1.4.1: KDZ file: FLASH Any LG Factory ROM (kdz): Service manual (english): Hidden menu - in dialer input: 3845#*710# Factory hardware reset = button power + volume down + button home. emergecy mode - remove the battery, push button: volume down + Power + Insert USB cable Recovery mode - hold volume up + home button + power button, after a while (to see the logo that disappears and flashes the Back button and menu), release Power button and continue to hold the volume up and home button Can anyone provide?: ClockworkMod (CWM), CyanogenMod (CM10.1 or later) or other ROMs, unlock bootloader, or something useful for this phone???
  3. I got only numeric number. Still works fine! Finally, I have officially unlocked bootloader. No more 2g/3g restarts. Thank you all for your help.
  4. Do you think that this rom work on Y300? http://www.techradar...-1133963/review info (and photo) from e-shop:
  5. Green LED - I can not set (only orange) :-(
  6. I know this application. Someone wrote that the colors do not work. So I gave little guidance on how to do it. No additional applications.
  7. On attached link are some functional color for signaling LED from R3. Important is the location of circles and rectangles. The resulting color may not be exactly the one that be displayed. If anyone knows the other colors, I like to I learn about other colors.
  8. Last version is? Please link...
  9. I'm sorry. I had a big problem with editing file Settings.APK. I just wanted to help other desperate users.
  10. R3 with Settings.APK
  11. Thanks, now I Got it. :-)
  12. after reboots - not change, still not have settings :-(
  13. I have same problem :-) now.
  14. I download Settings.apk to SD card. But in Total commander - copy this file to: /system/app - su error: could not create target file /storage/sdcard1/download/settings.apk :-(
  15. In the settings / display - missing the last option (in R2 was) the possibility of awakening using the volume button up/down. edit: hehe, Dazz was faster. :-)

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