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  1. Hi! So i installed Cyanogenmod 7 on my ZTE Vivacity or ZTE Atlas 3.5W, and i didnt make a backup :sss i know im really stupid for not doing that, but how can i get the stock rom back? It was Android gingerbread 2.3.5 :SS Please help me!!
  2. Thank you really really very much :D i was looking for a guide like this, unfortunately i dont have time to try it now, but i will try to install it ASAP and will reply to you how did it go :) Thanks! And the only question i got left is, how can i root my device? All i know about rooting is, there are different ways in every device to root them, so how can i root my Atlas W 3.5?
  3. Hey im a really noob at this stuff but my friend told me to install this system on my phone because its a really great thing. So im asking if is it available for my phone? (Zte atlas 3.5w) And i need some tutorials in how to do this because i really dont want to mess up my christmas present :P. Thanks!