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  1. If it is baseband 2030 you can, but I recommend for you to first update your cmw to the latest one
  2. But stock + has supercharger v6 isn't it the same? And some performance tweaks
  3. Instead of installing these tweaks, I have replaced my slim rom with stock+ 960, which has already these tweaks applied, so no more problems/errors
  4. So no way of getting the flash toggle?
  5. On the toogles options is it possible to add the flash toggle? It's very useful
  6. What is the best rom for this supercharge?
  7. Yes they were all from external card but even though the eternal ring tones from the ROM are not accessible
  8. Well I talked a little bit to soon, the android is upgrading is gone, but on the other hand, it fails to find media flies, like pictures and ringtones, so It isn't very much compatible with ICS Slim V13
  9. It's ok know, but I had to reinstall ICS Slim V13, like a fresh install, afterwards clean the cache, wipe the dalvik cache, follow your instructions, install performance, graphics and audio, not at the same time but in order, (install, reboot, install, reboot) and now everything is ok, no bugs, one thing I have notice I had my battery on 10%, it went to sleep all night long, and today as I saw the battery at the same percentage, excellent, excellent work.
  10. It doesn't fix the bug, I guess this works better with cyagon mod rom
  11. I will get back I didn't do the first step
  12. There an option to wipe dalvik cache not to clear cache I'm using the latest version of clock work
  13. What is the best rom to apply these tweaks I'm using ics slim v13 and after these tweaks the phone is awesome except that annoying message
  14. How do you clear the cache? Is there a program for that?
  15. I have wiped Dalvik Cache, and afterwards applied these tweaks, the first time it upgraded 97 programs it took a while, after that, everytime I reboot it says android is upgrading, apps are starting, but the boot time is almost the same, except for this anonoying message, I don't noitce any problem with the phone, anyone has experience this?

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