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  1. can i use this on my v10J stock rom?
  2. does this rom have the blurry issue fix? like the one in the cm9.
  3. i have a problem guys on my cm9. i cant use the camera on my phone properly because the display is all red. everything is working fine. its just the camera. :(
  4. thank you for sharing :)
  5. a very big THANK YOU from me. finally i can use cm9. but my question is. can i use this on other roms?
  6. dude the reply was not for you MR.WISEMAN.. look at the quoted message. ROFL
  7. huh? did i quote a certain comment on this thread concerning about canadian firmware? are serios? seriously? you told me before that im just wasting my time? how can you even say that? you dont understand the point MR. WISEMAN. i posted a comment to share as a whole (f*cking STOCK ROMS). based on experienced. because i know they are people out there who experienced issued thay i've encountered.
  8. move some apps from your phone to your storage card. but first you need yo root your phone and install link2sd. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.buak.Link2SD&hl=tl
  9. huh? im just giving them an insite concerning about the specific version of firmware that i was SUCCESSFULLY able to update and root. and please mind your own business. im here to share and of course HELP others.
  10. im tried EU and German versions of those firmware, but still same results :(
  11. for newer phones, be sure to install v10I firmware or higher.. both v10I and v10J are the only fimwares that i was able to root
  12. just unbrick your phone using this guide http://www.hackmyandroid.com/how-to-unbrick-lg-optimus-l3-android-phone/1980. be sure to select the right firmwares here http://lg-phone-firmware.com/index.php?id_mod=11 i suggest flashing your phone to v10I or v10J firmwares to avoid issues
  13. after flashing cm9 i tried to flash the jellybean update but still my screen looks awful. i hope someone can find a way to help us install cm9 rom to new lg e400 phones :(
  14. ive tried this multiple times, but i can't still root v10k and higher firmwares with my new lg -e400. thats why i reflash my phone to v10j

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