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  1. Hello there, I am having some issues while rooting my Medion life P4310. I am using this package "TWM_Fantastic_T3_Root_Packge.rar" to root my device. I've connected my phone to my laptop (windows) in debugging mode and my phone is displayed in the "mycomputer>right click>manage>device manager" In the next step im executing the "0_Install_CWM_recovery.bat" - a command promt is displayed with following commands- C:\TWM_Fantastic_T3_Root_Package>adb.exe reboot bootloader C:\TWM_Fantastic_T3_Root_Package>fastboot.exe flash recovery recovery.img < waiting for device> at this instance the phone is rebooted/hangs and "Medion" logo is displayed the whole time. There is also a popup displayed "found new Hardware Wizard" I've tried all possible options to show where the drivers are located but of no use :( I am not able get pass thru this step, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and regards.