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  1. does anyone else has problem with microphone during calls? The keep telling me that they can't hear me well
  2. Congratulations! This rom is wonderfull. I had cyanogenmod 9 but this is even better. The only problem I have is that the microphone is low on calls. Since I flashed it, my friends claim that they cannot hear me very well.
  3. thank you!!! I' ll flash it.
  4. Is this rom compatible with ICS ?
  5. reroot for new rom?

    Thanks a lot. I 'll try it
  6. Hello! This question may sound silly. I'had flashed a stock rom in past. Now I want to flash a new rom. Do I have to root again or just simply boot the new rom from the clockworkmod? thanks!
  7. "This ROM only works on a device running baseband version 2030 that has been upgraded through the official Ice Cream Sandwich process." I didn't upgraded to ICS. ICS was already in my phone when i bought t. Is it ok t install the rom? thanks