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    Orange San Diego
  1. wheaty

    Orange San Diego hasn't been discontinued

    Odds on they probably would say that anyway just to get you to get a different phone while you were there. They wouldn't want any punters leaving the shop who probably won't return
  2. thats good to know thanks
  3. thanks i am not a hacker - I'll take a looksee in the play store
  4. how can I tell whether I have any background processes running or not? I'm running Android 4.04 (ICS)
  5. thanks Bluemoonrising - much appreciated
  6. sorry for probably asking a stupid question but I am new to the world of mobile phones. :) I've recently bought an Orange San Diego If the phone is powered off can it still recieve calls ? - or does it need to be in sleep mode to be able to do this?