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  1. 3G signal range is always lower than the 2G signals, try to move near BSNL tower and then retry.
  2. Mr xx900_2, have u gotr ur phone???
  3. Now my GPS is locked withing 5 seconds.
  4. Congrats Arcticfox. For me, they will replace the PCB as the ROM is corrupted.
  5. My dear friend the same thing i did, i installed the 37 mb and then older update and the phone hangs on xolo, and the screen changes colours. I went to xolo service centre at delhi and they tried to flash the update with their tool but not succedded, now they will replace something in PCB as it seems to be hardware problem, my phone is still at their service centre.
  6. HAHAHA. I need to send phone to service centre and nothing else.
  7. friends i update with 37 mb, and after that mistakenly i updated with 299MB ics of xolo x900, now my phone just stuck on xolo logo and not even booting.
  8. Dear bluemoonrising,i have tried everything, actually i am unable to connect devices in adb mode as it says error:device not found, unable to go into recovery as screen just blank, the device connects in fastboot mode and i flashed, recovery.img, boot.img, but no success.
  9. unable to get recovery Mr brit07
  10. But dear if the screen is dead,then why i see the XOLO logo during start???
  11. After boot, mine also keep changing color. What you did to sort out the problem?
  12. Hi friends I am in trouble today. I flashed 12 MB update today and then full 299 MB Xolo ICS Now my phone boot with XOLO logo and the screen is black, when i connect to PC via USB it shows the USB storage but the phones screen is black When i try to go into recocery by pressing Start+volume down+camera button, i am unable to get into recovery also there is no droidboot icon, just XOLO logo and then black screen, no intel inside logo. Please help me anybody, i am in big trouble. Thanks in advance. NITIN
  13. I emailed to Mr Sandeep who wrote the article and this is what i got in reply about Xolo x900 "Hi Nitin, As per information we have it will get the update. But, the picture will be clear in next 2 weeks when Xolo is expected to release the official statement. Regards, Sandeep"
  14. Can anybody please give me the OTA update server link for xolo x900???
  15. I am using Xolo X900.Its excellent, no lags atall. Super fast bcoz of Intel 1.6 Ghz.

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