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  1. I guess the reason for cracks is heating i.e thermal expansion..
  2. :D That's amazing.
  3. lrn2multiquote
  4. another darn week :angry:
  5. 3:43 pm here no sign of update..sigh
  6. That's cool, because i didn't looked for each one of them so i had to say..
  7. But probably the list doesn't just contain x900 related downloads..
  8. some new high end xolo is coming in 5 days and lets see if assumptions of jelly bean coming to x900 this month is going to be true or not.
  9. Wish i could donate some money like others have done, so you can get another set asap.. Edit: wait, i just read your post #1084 can you take out and reinsert battery? because, in my case, only single time out various drops, my phone never turned on until i took out battery and reinserted it..
  10. Try option 18..
  11. Same here, but rarely.. All i do is screen on/off to fix it.
  12. HAH, i was about to edit my post, i did exactly what you have just said, extracted the stuff inside zip file into xolodx and it worked, thanks anyway have an upboat. but just one thing ricky, can you please fix this, so guys like me wont get stuck into situation like this in future..

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