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  1. potatowhale

    CWM running on OSD?

    Huh, I already left the FB group because it looked so much like a troll at first. This on the other hand... much more believable. Why they haven't shared it already baffles me, but having seen some of the people in the group asking about such easy to solve problems I can understand the worry that they'd be held responsible for a hundred bricks.
  2. potatowhale

    Mobile Broadband on a Budget (or FREE!)

    This was my initial thought... Too bad I can't script for peanuts. And it's a against the ToS... but when does that stop anyone? Used the link in the OP, I hope you get your £2.50. Thanks for posting this. I'm also going to give Ovivo a shot (because more options right?) so if someone (preferably the OP) wants to throw me a referral link...
  3. potatowhale

    post your screen shots here

    Been tinkering with launcher8 myself today, quite like the cleaner screen and unified icons but not so much the blocky bright mess of the default interface, will probably be completely different in a few days but quite like it for now. (the status bar is hidden until you swipe near it)
  4. The following assumes you're running ICS : If 3g is enabled and you have coverage, a 3G or H should appear over the signal bars as shown here: http://image.bayimg.com/dc56d48b5d742d0706fd5830a735c5e86666fe46.jpg http://image.bayimg.com/2e98617c03e677d807b54a977e3c605779167e18.jpg If you have signal but no letter/number on the signal bars, make sure data is enabled in the Wireless and network settings. Also make sure to not tick the 'use 2g networks only' option. If all of this is true and you still don't see the symbol on the signal bars, maybe you aren't in an area with 3g coverage? The networks have maps available to figure that out. If 3g is available and enabled, you will always find the symbol there, it is preferred over 2g. Not much more I can really say, except when I first got my OSD it wasn't having the 3g at all, although that was down to the broken sim provided by orange in my case,
  5. potatowhale

    [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    Great tool you have here, just flashed the Xolo ICS and all is working great. It's soooo much nicer than the orange one. Just wish we had Bootloader access =(
  6. potatowhale

    ORANGE sim unlocking

    Does anyone know how active it needs to be? I'm putting a Virgin SIM in my OSD for a few months- they do an unlimited data (well, 10GB and then a speed throttle) PAYG for £10 top up per month. Should I stick my orange sim back in every now and then and send a few texts? Or can I forget about it?
  7. potatowhale

    [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    So I'm totally new to this, Have rooted my OSD and considering flashing the xolo ICS, what exactly would that consist of? would it mean re installing apps etc? Sorry for the newbie questions, but I like to fiddle with my computers too much to leave this alone.
  8. potatowhale

    San Diego down to £99.99 plus £10 top up online

    Well I just got mine yesterday (from online store) and am v. happy not to have missed out. Loving the phone so far. Lack of Bootloader access stings, but so worth it for the hardware. It's the same price as the g300!