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  1. Hi! anyone know HOW uninstall ALL the vodafon crap (I'm root), in a SAFE way? I don't wanna install a new rom or something like this, I just wanna quit stuff like "sims 3 demo" and other demo things on the phone. I have no idea where are them (to delete) or how quit the icons on the menu screen Thanks in advance
  2. Confirmed! If you install an app on the internal memory, the icon's app keep the place assigned for you inside the main menu. But, you you install the app on the SD card, the place could be change randomly.
  3. maybe(just maybe) it's because some apps were intalled on my sd card....so, when I turn on my g300 until the system make their sd test ,the mobile assume that those apps doesn't exist...
  4. your icons inside the menu screen never appear in different places?
  5. Hi! Actually is the normal one (I mean, i'am not an expert in G300) it's the vodafone default launcher.... (after upgrade to ICS).
  6. Hi people! This is very odd.... I organize all my icon (on the general menu) then I save the changes ....okay.... but oddly, and at any time, randomly some icons change the order.... not any icon in particular (an app that I installed or vodafone stuff/crap) Anyone knows why on the earth happen this? thanks a lot
  7. teresato

    Question about DTS on ICS

    Ah, but, it's strange, because if you read the manual there is a guide to "turn off/on" the super-awesome-incredible (???) DTS sound
  8. Hi! I last week I bought a Huawei g300 and made an update from GB to ICS...the question is, I read a lots of forums and website talking about DTS sound, how turn on/off it, how sucks this DTS,etc,but... I NEVER FIND this option on sound screen or another place. This option (turn on/off DTS) was deleted on ICS? thanks a lot. PS: I have Vodafone ICS
  9. Someone can tell me what's the "thingy" at the right of the led at the front of the Huawei g300? It looks like a frontal camera, but, of course g300 doesn't has a frontaql camera!.... tHANKS A LOT