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  1. Hi everybody! I have the same issue with NO sound and NO vibration notification at all when message have recieved, any notification or alarm clock ringing... Settings for all of them are turned on.
  2. Wow! Mission possible! :ph34r: Thanks a lot! :wub:
  3. I'm not that kind at all. I'm very VERY thankfull for his job and only asking, could he fix that problem or how could I fix them by myself! I'm asking to show me the true path, not whinning at all! Read my post more accurately if your superior gaves you some superpower! ;))))
  4. Such post can not paint you from a good side, maaaaan!
  5. Am I correct: KonstaT no longer will support the CM10? After all, the M10 is close to the ideal solution for ZTE Blade. And then suddenly it stops support ... Because I and probably many others Blade owners not able to backport fixes in the latest firmware itselfs, if anyone has the ability to integrate the above mentioned fixes in the final ROM?
  6. Everything is working? Well, how about these: and these: Anything else?
  7. Is there any plans to: 1. fix wrong high temperature data, when is in sleep/standby/screen off mode. 2. add undervolting-overvolting kernel support to CM 10. or How can I fix/add this to work these all by myselfs (in detailed steps, if you can)? P.S.: Thanx for all you are doing for us developing your ROMs!
  8. I have the same problem with ac charging and the fix solved it. Great work! Thx.