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  1. [ROM] Midnight Rom V1 [Stock Based][2014-03-30]

    Wi-fi keeps disconnecting. Any ideeas?
  2. [ROM] Midnight Rom V1 [Stock Based][2014-03-30]

    thanks, great work :)
  3. [CM10][4.1.2] Unofficial builds (v7)

    the download link doesn't work
  4. I can't download this ROM... that link is sending me to another site (fixed)
  5. [ROM]MSR-Rom V5 [Official][25-2-14][swing]

    yes, I cleared cache and dalvik cache
  6. [ROM]MSR-Rom V5 [Official][25-2-14][swing]

    I get random reboots with this rom. Is there a solution? Thank you :)
  7. [CM10][4.1.2] Unofficial builds (v7)

    i had MSR ROM, but once every 5 hours it would reboot
  8. [CM10][4.1.2] Unofficial builds (v7)

    does anyone know how to fix the random reboot problem?
  9. [CM10][4.1.2] Unofficial builds (v7)

    can you post the link to the latest version? :D Thank you
  10. [ROM]MSR-Rom V5 [Official][25-2-14][swing]

    Spacecaker you did an awesome job :-bd
  11. [ROM]MSR-Rom V5 [Official][25-2-14][swing]

    one quick question: do you guys know how to stop the media server? because it drains my battery Thanks and keep up the great work