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  1. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/342812 http://www.giztop.com/ http://www.minideal.net/eu-warehouse.html http://www.vickmall.com/eu-warehouse.html http://flosmall.com/ Check these EU warehouses
  2. 011s from here http://bbs.le.com/zt/eui/le_1.html or here https://yadi.sk/d/cdbTSL8amg7UT/stock_S
  3. 011s stock with removed china apps and wifi + 4G mostly on and with 2 SIM cards I have the average of 4.5-5h SOT. It depends on many factors - apps (specially gapps), SIM cards and distance to the base station, 3G & 4G radio, brightness settings, etc
  4. I asked bobN about that so we'll wait a bit for the answer. :)
  5. Yes,TWRPispreferableforthisphone.:) Ithinkthebestoneis2.8.6.0fromgrossoshopandyoucanflashstockromsthroughit and keep the twrp...
  6. 011sismuchbetterreleasethanpreviousones(009s,010s). BatterylastslongerandWiFi signalreceptionismuchbetter...
  7. LeBrick solved! ThankstofriendlyforummembersfromLeTVRe,4PDA,TelekinezaandModaco! I think that the main thing that helped was FlashTool package with 002s rom from 4PDA (tnx bobN) and Download Only flashing that brought PMT Change error butstopped that PITA Recovery / Update screen. That error required Firmware Upgrade flashing mode and I tried several FlashTools and Vol- or Vol+ holding combos that lead to: Brom CMD Jump Da Fail 2035Dram Fail 4032 That scared the sht out of me In the end, the thing that did the job was FlashTool From Wandy Tools inFirmware Upgrade mode,without touching buttons, new cable and new USB slotwith Type-C adapter on cable (probably non important but here it goes ) NomoreOTAupdatesandstockrecovery,onlythecompleteromthroughTWRP. Oncebitten-twiceshy.
  8. Iwouldn'tmindalinkortwo:)
  9. Ididthatbutnothingseemstohelp The only thing I get is whatever I do: Phone boots, LeEco / Recovery screen is on after a while, I get this Any option I choose I get back to this again. If I hold power button for 10 seconds and turn it off it goees again to above screens when connected to PC or charger. Vol+ & Vol- & Power - The same thing, Vol- & Power - again that screen above. The things I tried: 1. Drain battery to 0% Phone is off but when I connect it to charger or PC it goes to that Recovery / Update screen after few minutes. 2. ADB - ADB Devices command - Nothing! The only thing that happens when I connect it to PC is the USB sound and the phone goes to that Recovery / Updateand nothing happens in device manager. I tried several TWRP recovery.bat tools but they don't see the phone. 3. SP Flash Tool Turned the phone off and pressed Download, connected it to PC and All drivers are 100% good since phone was fully recognized few days ago and I reinstalled them today again.
  10. Thanks 77chedu! Ineedsomehelpguys.:) Phonestuckinstockrecovery. Got 011sOTAupdatethismorningbuthadtoremoveKingroot forOTAtopass. SwitchedoffrootinKingrootthenuninstalledtheapp. OTAdidn'tpassandI'mstuckinstockrecovery now.Everyattempttoswitchoffthephoneresultsin goingbacktorecoverywhereIcan'tdoanythingsinceitwon't usetheupdate. IfIturnoffthephone(holdingpowerfor10s) itgoestostockrecoverywhen IconnectittoPCorchargerandthePCwon'trecognizeit. Toleaveiton until thebatterydrains?
  11. Miui 7 by xiaomi-miui.gr GTV 5.12.3 Beta That's all I know, cant remember what I flashed 2 months ago :) @rista1 That's twrp 3.0 ?
  12. It would be nice to sharethe solution here :)
  13. Some interesting stuff: -Waking phone from coma - (source in Chinese, needs translation -something about OTG) - bobN, Hanuma50 & Lepi did a fresh TWRP 3.0.0-0 - it seems to be working on x600 (fix if PC won't recognize phone in recovery mode) - Vazarg will make a new MIUI release tomorrow (has theIR remote app now, too) EDIT: might be this one:http://ceceg27.free.fr/LeTV-X600/MIUI7/LeTV_X600_MIUI7_6.2.18_vazarg_eu.zip(expect problems with MI account) Latest MIUI 7 274 roms from China: Miui 7 6.2.20 by Kaka Link1 Link2b8ab Miui 7 6.2.19 by cnxinbo Link43a7
  14. You did a smart move The last rom I flashed on Coolpad after F1 went to my better half was MIUI - and it was actually much better than I expected. So I assume that the one that's already available and others that will come - will be more than appropriate replacement for stock eUI rom. That might happen with AOSP, too. Moreover, few days ago the only important thing that was missing from bobN MIUI rom is now available as a separate app for flashing through TWRP recovery: LeTV stock camera Whats even better is that it offers an update after the first boot or later. Now we have the most interesting system apps available in custom rom or as a flashing package...
  15. Interesting! The first rom release for x507 (the only one by now as far as I know) is 008s and the build is DHXOSOP5500801131S- Underlined numbers mean: 13th January The one from your post doesn't have CN letter code too so it definitely isn't China phone firmware. EDIT OK, it's the x507 rom fromLeEco India forum presented few days ago but the build number is not the same one that was present on first YT videos from India. The rom you found is: DHXOSOP5500801182S - Underlined numbers mean: 18th January So it's a newer indian x507 rom release My phone firmware(x600) in stable build 009s was: ABXCNOP5500912251S China stable rom008s for X500 DBXCNOP5500811172S - 5.5.008S SS from the India phone video: The difference between India and China rom is in lettering:CN is for China and OS is for India Device dependent build numbering: LeTV One (x600) starts with A- ABX LeTV 1s (x507) starts with D - DHX LeTV 1s (x500) starts with D - DBX I didn't figure out yet what 1S and 2s inbuild codemeans:) Locale set to RU might mean that someone was playing with x500 custom roms, LeEco stuff from India or the guy who gave the first SP flashable x507 stock rom :D

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