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  1. There are several custom roms - AOSP, MIUI and Flyme. The main problem with them is a missing IR remote support. Anyway this phone has a nice perspective: Mickvip and Kouskous are waiting for it to be delivered soon and we will see some nice stuff from  them, I hope. Indian version of LeTV 1s (x507) is being delivered to customers right now so we can expect a port of Indian rom to x600 soon. You can expect the support from me, jake, rista, saša and majkel, too :D   EDIT: It seems that there will be a download of new x507 rom build on 21st February  
  2. Several forums, new TWRP guide, Official recovery tool and mute button patch added to the first post. :)
  3. No way  I am good at collecting info and maybe make a rom or two from recovery backups... We have here at least 5 forum members with both phones (or waiting for one) and kouskous might do some serious stuff (as he promised) 
  4. LeEco will be selling in large numbers these days in India. There are over 500 service centers opened in  bigger cities. Over 300.000 devices (Le 1s and Max) were reserved during first five days. Indian rom has no China apps nor middle Live button (which is good :)) and here you can  expect to see it very soon -> Indian LeEco / LeTV 1s eUI rom Since LeTV One and 1S are very similar devices, we can expect that there will be a x600 (LeTV One) release based on Indian LeTV 1s phone. (for those who are slightly confused - LeTV is LeEco now)
  5. Thanks Paul for opening a dedicated LeEco / LeTV forum!  Many of the Coolpad F1 owners - Modaco members switched to this great device recently so it makes a sense to start a new topic in a familiar place, among familiar folks.  This post will be frequently updated with a lot of useful stuff as it was for Coolpad F1... Work in Progress: Official website  Official website - India (LeEco 1s) Specifications  Stock rom download Stock rom download - Baidu Drive (wide choice of E and S releases) Bug list - version sorted Basic Stuff (Drivers -> TWRP recovery -> Root):
  6. Sorry for stealing attention but I had a promise that we'll have a dedicated LeTV topic at Modaco very soon. EDIT: LeTV / LeEco forum is open !  
  7. @destiny133 It won't overcharge, just leave it on charger a little bit more after reaching 100% :)   @h3dshot You won't find 64GB ROM model - it seems that LeTV doesn't make those    
  8. Screen brightness adjustment: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.haxor   @destiny123 charge the battery to 100% and keep on charging for an hour or so. Repeat that procedure after few normal charges...  
  9. Final version of FlyME rom (Meizu phones) for F1
  10. Sorry guys for stealing the attention in F1 topic but I would like to know which forum LeTV owners from Modaco will visit now for the new phone support? 
  11. Funny thing to use your father to open the phone... 
  12. Recovery.img for coolpad 5560!??

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=60070633&postcount=120 https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B4t9dt63rRpXaHo0XzNqVy1WT00&usp=sharing#list You can find a lot of info at Coolpad F1 YGDP topic here http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/373530-guide-ygdp-tool-for-flashing-stock-42-44-roms/
  13. LeTV x600 is mostly at the table these days since I'm fixing Lenovo A806 now. (wife's ex phone, she grabbed my F1 now). WiFi is OK, slightly weaker signal reception than that of F1 but it's OK. Screen is better, phone is very fast with smooth transitions in UI. Camera is better. Battery is near that of F1. IR remote is perfect :) GPS is OK, didn't test it much. It's very attractive and you can see it's made of top quality material. Is supports MHL / OTG at type-c USB connector so you can connect it to monitor / telly HDMI Screen glass doesn't have any frame so it can easily break when it hits hard floor surface. So I ordered few cases with full frame cover. :) Overall - I'm very happy with this purchase. There is a huge discount these days at en.jd com - 16GB is 110 USD and 32GB model 124 USD ;)
  14. For the time being I'll be here. It's a Croatian /ex Yu China phone forum but you'll get the links right. :D Many members are fluent in english so you may drop by and ask for help ;)  

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