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  1. Strange, it's not in the place it used to be. Contacts app, top left, under "Contacts". Before it was possible to touch it and select contacts storage and now it's inactive. Can't select anything.
  2. Did you notice you can't choose which contacts to display (SIM, google, phone,,,) in the contacts app?
  3. We got Android 6.0 today from Sister AA (YDSS forum) More details here: http://www.letv.re/topic/1055-eui-58-015s-android-60-for-x600-by-sister-aa/
  4. https://www.google.hr/#q=8297w+cpb+pan.baidu.com
  5. Strange choice to flash stock rom with SP flash tool??? Why don't you use YGDP or CDA - official Coolpad flashing tools.
  6. Hi Slime00 ! Nice to hear from you again! :) After the Coolpad F1, LeTV is a different case - it has much better initial forum support in Europe (LeTV Re, 4PDA and spanish forums) and there are no many custom roms in China (favorite topic) so there are no frequent news to update at Modaco. Another thing - IR remote aplication and stock camera seems to be the crucial problems for custom rom devs and cooks so there are only three respectable custom rooms for the time being (MIUI by bobN, Vazarg and EUI by BB72). Can't agree with that. With ~ 4 hrs screen on I get 24 - 36 hrs of battery use. Original EUI is very good - no problems over here. Didn't try BB72 multilanguage EUI but I guess it should be OK. Which rom do you use Pivko?
  7. Why did you use SP Flash Tool ? Coolpad phones should use Coolpad's own YGDP or CDA Tool
  8. Take a look at the first 4-5 stores from the list:: http://forum.telekineza.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=578 They have EU warehouses or "warehouses" and there is no extra duties or shipping fees (except for those aliexpress stores and $20-26 for DHL)
  9. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/342812 http://www.giztop.com/ http://www.minideal.net/eu-warehouse.html http://www.vickmall.com/eu-warehouse.html http://flosmall.com/ Check these EU warehouses
  10. 011s from here http://bbs.le.com/zt/eui/le_1.html or here https://yadi.sk/d/cdbTSL8amg7UT/stock_S
  11. 011s stock with removed china apps and wifi + 4G mostly on and with 2 SIM cards I have the average of 4.5-5h SOT. It depends on many factors - apps (specially gapps), SIM cards and distance to the base station, 3G & 4G radio, brightness settings, etc
  12. I asked bobN about that so we'll wait a bit for the answer. :)
  13. Yes, TWRP is preferable for this phone. :) I think the best one is from grossoshop and you can flash stock roms through it and keep the twrp...
  14. 011s is much better release than previous ones (009s, 010s). Battery lasts longer and WiFi signal reception is much better...
  15. LeBrick solved! Thanks to friendly forum members from LeTV Re, 4PDA, Telekineza and Modaco! I think that the main thing that helped was FlashTool package with 002s rom from 4PDA (tnx bobN) and Download Only flashing that brought PMT Change error but stopped that PITA Recovery / Update screen. That error required Firmware Upgrade flashing mode and I tried several FlashTools and Vol- or Vol+ holding combos that lead to: Brom CMD Jump Da Fail 2035Dram Fail 4032 That scared the sht out of me In the end, the thing that did the job was FlashTool From Wandy Tools in Firmware Upgrade mode, without touching buttons, new cable and new USB slot with Type-C adapter on cable (probably non important but here it goes ) No more OTA updates and stock recovery, only the complete rom through TWRP. Once bitten - twice shy.

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