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  1. How to Root Huawei G330

    I fear this thread may be dead, but worth a try.. Can anyone report on Dual SIM usage with the G330-D ? I can't get the second slot to activate and haven't been able to enable any SIM in it. Is there a trick or any suggestions ?? thanks
  2. How to Root Huawei G330

    Ok, so nothing was wrong with WLAN. Etotalk sent me a new NetworkLocation.apk now I could access www.google.com but still no apps!? So I created a back up and then.. Updated the firmware Internet worked perfect :) Reinstalled recovery Re-rooted Installed Gapps No probs :) Delivery service was good but really quite disappointed with Etotalk that it wasn't good to go out of the box - very frustrating and have spent a lot of time trying to fix it. Now I can finally get on with enjoying my G330d. (P.S. I will be asking them for a refund on what they charged for rooting and modding.)
  3. How to Root Huawei G330

    So, used Ekotalk's version of clockworkmod to create recovery images. Used it to reset to factory settings. Still no internet access - but Google Maps works a little now!? Android web browser - nothing. Gmail - no. Play Store - no. (which means I can't download apps!) The router works with two laptops and a samsung smartphone. Tried another router and it was fine with the laptops and the samsung. I looked at the Link speed of the WLAN in the Mod Tool and it seems to keep dropping the signal. Same in WLAN settings, sometimes Link speed says 0Mbps sometimes 52Mbps. Anyone?
  4. How to Root Huawei G330

    i am pretty sure the wlan is working so i would like to reset back to factory settings to check but how can i back up the etotalk rom i have now? without internet i can't install Titanium or anything about the customs clearance - no idea? (yes, it was declared as gift)
  5. How to Root Huawei G330

    Well my G330D has arrived safe and sound. Good delivery via DHL though had to pay a customs clearance fee EUR24 (am in Germany). Unlocked and rooted by EtoTalk. BUT Wi-fi internet is not working Says it is connected and good signal but nothing doing. IP address looks good. I have had a look around on the internet but can't quite find the solution. Anyone had similar difficulties with this model or from EtoTalk?
  6. How to Root Huawei G330

    @ urbanchina thanks for reply. so have taken the plunge and await my g330d from etotalk (pre- unlocked and rooted). will post again on how I get on.
  7. How to Root Huawei G330

    Hi all, Have just bought a G330 (not dual sim). Pretty happy so far but would love to clean it up and remove alot of the pre-installed stuff. Am now considering returning the G330 and getting the G330D so I can root it (Dual sim also seems really useful i.e. work & private sim) New to smartphone and android world, and have never rooted one before but have read Urbanchina's instructions (many thanks) and think I am up to it. Questions: 1. Are there and major differences I would be losing out on by switching model? 2. I can set it up so no chinese characters, right? I want english and german interface. (I know - a real newbie question) 3. Where did you buy your imports? Am thinking of ordering from a Hong Kong supplier. Thanks in advance.