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  1. What gapps do i need to download? Can i load 4.2.1 onto my G300?
  2. What are you onto? You must have WCDMA set as preferred then, for some reason.
  3. Well, to be honest i don't feel like doing that again, i might screw it up and be back at square one. What i think i did was zeroing the imei, rebooting, dialling *#*#4636#*#* and selecting "phone information". You should "set preferred network type" set on GSM only. You should turn radio off and change it to WCDMA preferred. Reboot, then restore imei and it should work. Let me know :)
  4. I took the rom from Huawei website. http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/downloadCenter.do?method=toDownloadFile&flay=software&softid=NDcwMjk= I think it was something i changed when the imei was zero, if you go to phone information and have a look it says GSM only. Maybe i set it to wcdma and then, when i restarted it, i got the H sign straightaway. Try...
  5. I did it, i am on B952 with baseband 2030 and i am connected to Optus (Savvytel) in Hsdpa. I didn't even change anything in DFS, might have been the change i did in phone information while the imei was zeroed. Any explanation?
  6. I'm on lycamobile now but its edge connectivity is even slower that the others so i will be switching to woolworths which will give me 5GB per month. I backed up my imei, though, once for all. Do i have to revert back to GB to change the frequencies? If i dial *#*#4636#*#* i can see there is an option to change the radio bands but it's grey, is there any change to have access to it? I am on Win 7, anyway and my rom is the stock one from huawei site. I tried yesterday but after zeroing my imei i had to wipe the data off and that was bothering me a lot. CWM showed up mentioning some error in E:\ and won't boot. Also, when i was in DFS out of the three icons at the bottom of the window the last one (EQF) was yellow. Any idea?
  7. I still can't revert back to GB or even B936. Huawei is so slow in releasing a ICS version for Oz and i am stuck with edge connectivity.
  8. Where are you located? Australians got loads of problems with Huawei stock ICS rom due to the baseband change. They should quickly put out a version with baseband 109080 as it's the most compatible with the Oz carriers. Try to force 2G, that's the only way to make it work (at least that is what i am doing now) . Looks like only Huawei can change the baseband so if it's really an issue for you, try reverting back to GB by following the guide here:
  9. Hello, i bought this phone about a month ago and got it unlocked after a week for free through vodafone website. Still, the phone was freezing up to 4 times in a day requiring me to remove the battery and restart it. So as soon as i found B952 on huawei site i downloaded it and it installed beautifully. Shame is it changed baseband to 2030 and, as you know already, that makes the phone quite incompatible with AUS 3G networks. I have yet to try the complete procedure because i am on lycamobile and its low quality network (telstra 2g anyway) and i don't have a broadband connection for now. Huawei SHOULD release a rom for us aussies, that would not take them much to do.