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  1. Hi guys i have a dubt.. i had installed CWM CM11 (4.4.4) 2 years ago (great rom thanks konstaT) on my device ======== my device is an italian phone (ZTE momodesign MD DROID "brand: 3 italia") now i want return on stock rom and firmware.. without brick my phone IT IS POSSIBLE in security steps? in ZTE acqua post i found all stocks rom, but I need to be sure before proceeding. Thanks for help
  2. How i resolve this bug on Browser, when i navigate in site the images have this bug :OO
  3. [ROM] TouchWiz5 [4.1.2]

    and. what is the differents with this touchwiz 5? http://www.modaco.com/topic/365906-romtw5jb-4121810/ ????
  4. CM10fromHungary

    it is multilanguage? with italian language? i want try this rom...
  5. I have a big problem with google maps, it had a big lag and isn't smooth... Why? On stock ROM it is smooth when i navigate on map or i use pinch-to-zoom or scrolling.. On cm10/10.1 it's OK, but on cm11 no have a big extreme lag as it runs at 5fps or low FPS .....why? I have last update 2.7.
  6. I have 4.4.4 (2.7) this ROM have problem with battery, 99% to 20%it fast lost charge.. With stock with my use intense the battery don't lost all charge in this mode. Pls for next release fix this problem. But i've send my thanks to konstat for his work with this ROM for our phone.
  7. yes, i confirm, the link is working again, Thanks :D
  8. hey guys, i have a problem with the gapps the link for download doesn't works, when i click download the website report error WTF? pls who have other link for download? help me
  9. Can I install this new rom over build cm-11-2014 03 20? or new clean install? and it what's new?
  10. O rly?? :( (yes i use fix v2 acqua) but the rom just work good.. Exist any rom for my device?? do You know??
  11. my problem is: camcorder doesn't work, the application "camera" crash it ... is my problem? anyone have this problem?
  12. hey guys: what is the best Governor and Scheduler for this rom and phone.. and with battery friendly :D
  13. Wow good job konstat.. Tnx tnx tnx but now i have a question.. How do i change font on my device..? Font installer doesn't work now on cm11 4.4.2... :(
  14. Thank you KonstaT, for your work! :D
  15. [ROM][4.4.] MIUI v5 (Android 4.1.2)

    pls post here the new updates.. is Russian forum that requires an email and Russian characters in order to complete registration