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  1. Wow i cant believe this post is still going
  2. I wouldn't ever recommend replica phones, usually they have poor build quality and will likely never receive an Android update, why doesn't he get a Moto G like yourself?
  3. Just in case you've wanted it.       Just right click and save image.   Thanks
  4. [Theme] Pure Refix By Ross

    Pure Refix By Ross   Screenshot     Download (Click Here)   (Currently only for 4.2.2 (EMUI 1.6)  
  5. Emotion UI 2.0 Screenshots!!

    I will keep this updated   Notification Panel
  6. First impression?

    I have this device and my likes/Dislikes would be   Likes:   Design Weight Screen Speed   Dislikes:   Audio is not loud enough Emotion UI still needs more features     (Also i have a screen shot of Emotion UI 2.0)   Look!!   Can't wait for this!
  7. HUAWEI g510 creaking

    If you're going to do that then I would suggest waiting for the Ace 3
  8. HUAWEI g510 creaking

    Does it really matter? it's a low price phone
  9. HUAWEI g510 creaking

    Mine doesn't creak but maybe that's because I use a case
  10. How did you get the notification bar like that?
  11. Should be in the settings under notification
  12. Video Codecs

    +1 MX Player is the best
  13. I'm using stock, I like the Emotion UI & its fast for me.

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