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  1. Does the testing menu *#*#2846579#*#* work on this rom?
  2. I don't think there is an official ICS image for Vodafone AU users yet? Otherwise you could just flash that and all of the above problems would go away. I believe the problem with CM10.1 is that you can't access the test menu. This may have changed, try it out and let us know if it you have success?
  3. It is! - I don't get too many randrom reboots but this will certainly help. I'll give it a go, thanks :)
  4. Haha, mine works. I'll try it after the next update.
  5. Looks like you downloaded c00b952, and managed to get it working. Would be good if you could reproduce the steps for others on Optus.
  6. Awesome, no idea why it works. Optus uses 900mhz for 3g so you must have installed a b952 rom that has that frequency enabled by default. What link did you use to download the rom?
  7. If you follow the steps in this post from Backing up your IMEI using Toolbox 5irom down it should work on the c00b952 rom. Note it has to be the c00b952 rom, not any other variant of b952. Also if your on lycamobile and using 2g, I'm not sure what you'll gain by enbabling the 850mhz band.
  8. This also works on c00b952 for Telstra :)
  9. Awesome, thanks. I followed the same guide and it also worked for me, 3G data and no dropouts. Now downloading c00b952 - I'm hoping this will also work as well as 934?