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  1. Hello. I have interesting idea for you. How about to develop any type of custom rom for Huawei U8730 qwerty slider device. It is a very nice device but Huawei only released with Android 2.3 and no one has working rom for it. Maybe you are interested in developing any version of Android 4-5 custom rom for it? I would be very interested to help fund such a project. Thank you from Canada.

  2. bat11

    CyanogenMod 12 PORTED!!!! FINALLY

    Give me a link to rum might help to port, if it is really a lollipop.
  3. bat11

    Fiui_Beta_2.24.0_For_ZTE_Blade Ⅲ

    WI-FI and BT doesn't work after flashin' boot.img from KonstaT CM11 rom. All wipes be maked after flashin'. Why?
  4. bat11

    [PROJECT] [DEV] [U8350] CyanogenMod 9.1

    I can share the layout of buttons and the core, which eliminates the gray bar on the screen.
  5. Dear members. I have an idea to port Android 4.1.1 firmware for our device. used U8500 kernel.Ne core work, or working part: the camera, some of the buttons and lights, numeric input, live wallpapers, gallery, bluetooth , lock screen, microphone, autorotate.I'm understand that all matter in the kernel, but I still can not compile it correctly.Who combile correct kernel for our device? tomorrow the link above to add firmware to testers,thanks.