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  1. I've changed Nova to system app. It's working totally fine and without FCs.
  2. He/she has both nicks Cata_Simi & Sata_Cimi But pls stop that.!!!!!! :angry2:
  4. S2E works fine. Never had an issue with CM10 or CM10.1. In this topic there are several posts that may help you. :)
  5. Don't know what to remove and what to install. :(
  6. 32 dp is too small. Maybe some 38/40 dp would be better.
  7. Yes, please remove Google Now from the ROM and replace with old Google Search so that the voice keyboard is working. <_<
  8. Try to change AP security to open and mode to "G"-only for testing.
  9. Nobody wants that damned FM. (except some VERY NOISY individual rebel) :P KonstaT has announced clear enough not to be interested on FM.
  10. Solved problem by myself. External access i.e. tapping latinime's microphone is possible through this app
  11. Xda has solved the Google now voice services for armv6 :)
  12. Yes. Google voice typing is not working for me.

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