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  1. SJS00M here. Manifactured 10/2012, bought in Jan 2013 from Vodafone Italy.
  2. Telonius, many many thanks for the great work you've been doing over last months on Slim Bean. It is by far the best ROM I've tried. Good luck with your new phone :)
  3. Welcome back Telonius, and thank you for the data usage issue fix :)
  4. The same happens with DashClock Data Usage Extension (all traffic is shown under "Wi-fi"). I wonder if it can be somehow related with the absence of the Data Usage section in Settings...
  5. I've been using SlimBean for over a week, and I can say I am pretty satisfied with it. So thumb up to Telonius for his work. There is just one little thing I don't understand: what about the Data Usage section in Settings? Was it removed on purpose or has my installation gone wrong?
  6. #pallanuoto #waterpolo Kudos to @bearmann4 for scoring the winning point in Nervi-Ortigia 8-7!
  7. #pallanuoto Colpaccio Acquachiara, Savona eliminata - Voceditalia.it http://t.co/tHDfL0pmSj
  8. #pallanuoto L'uomo dei gol decisivi: dopo Savona, @niccofigari affonda anche Brescia. Grande! #FF
  9. "Sembra, pare, a livello di forse" Grande citazione di Stefano De Grandis a @skysport24 #avanzi

  10. La Top Ten Twitter di #gazebo surclassa anche #Letterman