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  1. Or the TouchWiz Launcher I do not have the will found perhaps one of you knows one who goes for Rome
  2. Hello ceco can you please add that one can move the menu item? I have a Samsung and Samsung theme of the menu is just right.
  3. Kori Natur

    Post you home screen piciture :D

    Rootbox 4.2.2 Samsung uccw skin Siedebar pro Touchwiz 5.0 theme
  4. How much can I overclock?. I always try to 1ghz but then the phone goes out forever. Is there an overclock kernel supports up to 1ghz
  5. Taplet ui is To big... i have base lutea 2 phone. The tablet ui Form cm 10.0 works can you add in this Rom ?
  6. Where do I get her anything? Sorry am new to such things: D
  7. I want the 5.0 tauchwiz launscher have but go if I want to install it or not, there is a special launscher tauchwiz for zte? Because nothing goes with me always error on cwm
  8. Kori Natur

    Pls Help ;)

    thanks :)
  9. Kori Natur

    Pls Help ;)

    Hello. I wanted to ask if I can use other models of other ROMs ZTE. If so what can I use models of the roms I own the Base Lutea 2 (ZTE Skate)