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  1. The rom is great, but I have a problem. Since i moved to this rom, some messages are not received by the other person. I get the report that was delivered, but the other person does not receive. What could it be?
  2. Tks. Google search give me force closes, you know why?
  3. Hi Dazz. Great rom. How can i wake up phone with the volume keys? Is possible to get sd card as default storage? Thanks
  4. I actually had this problem with the stock rom you had before flash this one. may be a problem of the phone? Or have anything to do with the bootloader?
  5. Fenomenorx

    [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

    How do you relock the bootloader? Tks
  6. Anyone have problem with the speakerphone. is very low. thanks By the way, that's a great rom, i'm loving it
  7. Thanks, it works fine. Can i flash the wake up vol key, it will work? Thanks
  8. For those coming from a ics rom, with baseband 2030, the method of installing this rom is to flash the zip to downgrade to GB and then flash the rom? Or is it the opposite? Install the rom and then flashing the zip? In the OP says: "THIS ROM CAN NOW BE OVER STOCK flashed ICS / USED WITH THE 2030 BASDBAND" IF FLASHING OVER AN ICS ROM / BASEBAND 2030, FLASH THIS ZIP STRAIGHT AFTER Thanks
  9. after reading the problems of the users of the forum, that also seemed to be the best solution for my problem, and i was just waiting for someone to test it to see if it worked :) So you stay with access to recovery and then install the rom you want, right? You get GB, but you can install any other rom? Thanks
  10. Some other guys here in the forum try that and it doesnt work, because of the imei. It stops at 20%
  11. It all begins when i try to install elektra, it gives me an error, then every roms i try to install blocks on huawuei logo, the only way to make phone works again is restore from recovery.