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  1. I have heard too, but in not avalaible function Partition SD (but now I'm not using it =) You think that i may have problems from Maybe you could test keyboard function on your device? add some languages in android keyboard settings and see working are they or not... In my english layout permanently in any language.
  2. Yes, I make it and all works. Little problem with android keyboard, only english works, all languages avalaible in menu but works only english (maybe only english apk in firmware, menu android keyboard always in english in any language in settings). I'm installed smart keyboard pro to have russian. CWM Camera works only pics, video - black zero file. Dialer... works.. but in some moments in status bar - become not available icon (don't know how.. mm.. maybe ||||X), I don't know it works in this moment or know, this icon become working before 1 second.
  3. Maybe this works because not formatted /system, because when i install experince again is not works again =(
  4. After installing old firmware (Onyx), I install experience and dialler works (maybe it's not worked because 2.1 was installed?). Maybe this works because not formatted /system, because when i install experince again is not works. p.s. use cyanogenmod settings - tablet settings - bottom option
  5. In this firmware (2.3.7 CM Experience...) and Onyx, russian language and keyboard are available...
  6. http://narod.ru/disk/52840725001.9e3da7d01b6916351634e43de23ca5be/CM72_Tweaked_Last.zip.html installed this @[email protected] by destruktor all calls are working
  7. Russian language in this firmware avalaible, in NIGHTLY based not. But I and man from 4pda have a problem with incoming calls, people obtain signal that i'm busy (peep-peep-peep), but i didn't see call (in history i can see that call was, phone make it busy automatical...). I obtain this problem on NIGHTLY based firmware too =(
  8. Incoming call ends automatically without any window (people can't call me, said that i'm busy =( (DSPManager crashes) + physicall call button in main didn't work after some hours, russian keyboard layout didn't work =(
  9. Aliaksej

    CM7.2---MPEngine9+SEEDER V6-EXT4-NO LAG!

    Seeder 1.4 and MPengine 10 available, maybe this information is good =)
  10. Aliaksej

    CM7.2---MPEngine9+SEEDER V6-EXT4-NO LAG!

    I send you supercourage ticket =) Thanks.
  11. Aliaksej

    CM7.2---MPEngine9+SEEDER V6-EXT4-NO LAG!

    Sorry, maybe you know when? I must make phone in this week and give him to girl =(...
  12. Aliaksej

    CM7.2---MPEngine9+SEEDER V6-EXT4-NO LAG!

    Thanks! What means @to [email protected] ?
  13. Hello, thank you for your work. Maybe you could tell, what firmware is better, this or based on nightly? (this have russian?)