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  1. [ROM] Cirrus ROM v1.0.5b [04/02/2013]

    I have the same issue: If I charge with the phone switched off I get the white batterylogo with the thunderbolt, but shorter than normal. If it was working like before a push of the powerbutton would bring up a charging animation of a battery and 4 green blocks. However this doesn't happen. The phone isn't going to boot at all in this state. I HAVE to remove the power/usb coard, THEN remove the battery, put back the battery and boot up again. Otherwise it won't work. Have posted the issue in multiple threads but so far no solution. Vache says it's not a ROM problem so my best guess is a recovery problem. Plan on going back to stock situation and starting over with normal recovery and such to check this out. Anyone who can tell me how to go about going back to stock? I have a NAND backup of the recovery as it was originally...
  2. [ROM] Cirrus ROM v1.0.5b [04/02/2013]

    3 questions: -Does this have the mediascanner bug? (There is a kernel patch out there somewhere...) -Does this have the charging while off-->not booting bug? -Does this have the no mass storage issue? But tnx, keep up the good work!
  3. [TUT] Leaked JellyBean and Unlocked bootloader

    So, anyone else having problems or am I really that lucky? :mellow:
  4. [TUT] Leaked JellyBean and Unlocked bootloader

    OK, bugs/problems I encountered thusfar: - General JB bug: Mediascanner goes apeshit, doesn't scan anything but keeps running and restarting eating loads of battery - The formentioned charging when off bug, but that would probably be the fault of the recovery (Had a comparable problem way back with the Desire HD, which would start booting when off and plugged into the power, this was also recovery related) - mA(/h) are either reported incorrectly by the phone/battery or there is some crazy poweruse going on... (also during ICS, tried wiping, reflash, bare minimum, no apps, still same issues. Can someone perhaps post their BMW log or part there of here to compare?) - USB mass storage device mode is gone, can't be selected anymore and "hacks" for a select few other phones doesn't work. Only MTP and PTP modes remain. - Irregular and unexplainable peak usage of locations service, won't stop until reboot, even force stop service doesn't work. -This version + Battery monitor widget results in massive alarms/wake locks for the latter, no such problems on ICS. (Device will wake-up every minute or so and way longer than normal, claimed 3-10s cpu use/day by developer results in about 3-4 hours cpu use/wake lock according to better battery stats.
  5. [TUT] Leaked JellyBean and Unlocked bootloader

    I have this weird "bug" When I power off my device the charging icon comes up (the white one with the tunderbolt) but it goes off quickly after that. The 2nd animation of charging doesn't come up at all and the device refuses to boot untill I remove the battery.
  6. [RECOVERY] CWM for S500

    Maybe I'm stupid, but I flashed the recovery, but how do I now enter it? Volume + & Power=>fastboot, no options to go to recovery Volume - & Power=>normal boot use boot into recovery option of CWM gives me an error, possible because I'm not yet rooted...
  7. Unusually high powerconsumption?

    OK, but how to fix this? Usually I would throw out the battery file and do a full cycle, but I tried that and it didn't really work.
  8. Unusually high powerconsumption?

    No one who can tell me whether this is normal behaviour or not? :huh:
  9. Should I buy this phone?

    Exactly the reason I got this phone, there is no alternative! Only thing I would love to see is a more active community with custom roms and such...
  10. Unusually high powerconsumption?

    Hi All, Just got this nice phone yesterday because my HTC Desire HD was really done for. Everything seemed to be broken, busy breaking or wanting to break. I bought the phone as an in betweeny. Has nice hardware and you can't beat that price for such a nice device. After fooling around and installing my usual apps I also added my battery app of choice: Battery Monitor Widget by "3c" which also monitors the power usage in mW or mA. On my previous phone this was around 3-15 mA in standby/screen off, however on this phone it's almost always above 100 and more often in the multiple 100's than below. These numbers I would get on my former phone only with the screen on, but now even when off. This is both with 3G and 2G, WiFi on or off. anyone else get this crazy high consumption all the time? Is this a device flaw, software bug or is the monitoring software spouting BS? I've checked Better Battery Stats to see if there was any app causing trouble, but it doesn't seem to be the problem. Any thoughts?