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  1. I wanna get another phone, is it possible that I can transfer my cwm backup from this phone to the new one running on 4.2.2
  2. no.. the 20130505 is the worst nightly ever
  3. your choice
  4. yes it did. worked well.. but I preferred the older nightly( 28-April -2013)
  5. I didn't like it wen I did
  6. I experienced the same thing.
  7. didn't work for me. it should just be included in our rom or something
  8. let me check that
  9. and you're telling us to try?
  10. and I haven't found any any good Wi-Fi app
  11. my phone didn't even boot after I installed this. it just shows LG followed by a black screen for hours
  12. it's unstable..s***!
  13. yeah I experienced same thing until I downloaded another nightly.
  14. yes.. same problem everywhere. it will be fixed in no time.. let's have patience.
  15. is it stable?

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