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  1. Angelcho

    LG E400 rooting, same method as LG Spectrum

    it's old fw actually, btw what error do you get?
  2. Angelcho

    WiFi problem

    I still have that problem, on both cm9 and stock rom
  3. Angelcho

    LG E400 stock roms

    when did it come out?
  4. can we use it too? (people without blurred screen issue), and are there any advantages over the old kernel?
  5. Angelcho

    Check boxes

    I had it on all browsers
  6. Angelcho

    Check boxes

    I don't know about you but I have that problem since the november release (first I got)
  7. Angelcho

    Check boxes

    latest cm9
  8. Angelcho

    Check boxes

    I used the stock browser, chrome, firefox, maxthon and still didnt get those checkboxes
  9. Angelcho

    Check boxes

    checkboxes don't appear on any app or browser on cm9. does anyone have a solution ?
  10. Angelcho

    BEST and STABLE rom for LG L3

    If you want a clean, fast and (almost) stable rom I'd recommend the official cm9, but if you want those tons of widgets and other modifications the xperia themed or jelly cream
  11. Angelcho

    [4.0.4] Jelly Cream

    what are the advantages of the jb adreno drivers ?
  12. Angelcho

    Link2sd problem

    try recreating the scripts as ext3, reboot, relink the files and then set up the autolink options again
  13. Angelcho

    [4.0.4] Jelly Cream

    you mean official cm doesn't have adreno drivers ?
  14. Angelcho

    [4.0.4] Jelly Cream

    nothing special... just jb status bar and holo launcher which I don't like
  15. Angelcho

    [4.0.4] Jelly Cream

    Says Installation aborted :/ any help with that?