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    Acer Ferrari Liquid E - Restart Problems

    I hold an Acer Ferrari Liquid E Phone.
    Device Information
    Acer APN Version 1.123-1
    Product SKU EMEA_C4F
    Device info Version 2.1
    Manufacturer Acer
    Model ID LiquidE
    CPU Vendor Qualcomm
    CPU Speed 768
    CPU Version 8250
    ROM Size 512
    RAM Size 512
    Horizontal Pixels 480
    Vertical Pixels 800

    Problem : My phone works like a charm when the data network is not enabled. When the data network is enabled my phone restarts when a call comes in and even the number of the caller is not stored in Call information.

    As a remedy I tried to search for the 4.007.08.EMEA.C4F and then updated my phone using Acer download tool.

    The update completed sucessfully but still I am facing the restart issues.

    Please help me fix this issue as I am breaking this for the past few months

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