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  1. I'm no stranger to software development and I'm very familiar with Linux. But thanks I'm glad we like ;)
  2. Hi. I like this ROM. I've learnt a lot about Android this week from pulling it apart and changing one or two things to my taste. I've knocked together a sleek toggle app and thought I might share it for those who are interested. It's a CWM flashable zip. no1ninja_toggles_huawei_u8815_CWM.zip (200KB) PS. Although it installs as a system app it can be turned off in settings under display. Enjoy ;)
  3. LOL! Don't mention it, I'm just glad to help. Also anyone wanting to get rid of that boot animation just head to system/media and delete bootloader.zip The default bootanim will return. There seems to be an issue with screen brightness sticking at 100% and button lights are intermittent. Looking into it.
  4. Hi. I have solved the issue regarding storage internal / ext reversal. It's simple really. Two files in system/etc "internal_sd.fstab" and "external_sd.fstab" Switch the names of these so internal becomes external and vice versa. Reboot and you're good. Glad to help.
  5. EDIT:> I see we've started discussing this exact issue in the time since I was last here. My bad ;) But seriously, *BUMP* Hi. Great ROM! Thank you! One thing, how do I go about restoring the internal storage / external SD? I prefer to use the 2GB internal storage as I sometimes remove the ext SD card. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!