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  1. :( damn........ its a beautifull rom with this little problem..... thanks omagavesko... is it possible for any android rom ( 4.0 or +) to haves camera flash working??
  2. nice men...... sorry for asking but can u fix camera flash? it doesn´t work :( sorry for my bad english
  3. good morning:) i´m a newbie and can anyone help me to install peace by peace how to install this rom. i have a int2text+ partition installed.. pardon my english :(
  4. First : i´m sorry :( 1-ClockworkMod Recovery; 2- Advance; 3- Partition Sd Card; 4- 1GB; 5- 64M; 6- install zip from sd card ; 7- rom and gapps installed; 8- Reboot and then the phone reboots but it stops with a black screen with the a collored X
  5. C3CO CAN YOU HELP ME? i´m a newbe with this... i have the phone with 1gb partition and i installed the rom but doesn´t load completly... it stays with a black screen with a colorfull X
  6. it´s supose to take some time to appear menu corretc? because i´ve instaled and it only shows the colored X
  7. good morning tilal:) is this rom better than android cyanogemod 4.1?
  8. silva87

    2 GB internal memory

    I guys :) can anyone explaine pace by pace increase the internal memory.. i have the android cyanogenmod 4.1.2 from paranoid i´ve tried and the internal memory stays the same... Can you help please