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  1. what is the maximum stable ocd frequency of this rom?? Did anyone try to check this on games???
  2. can anyone tell me what is the maximum stable clock speed if I use ICS???
  3. on 1st installation: wipes data/cache mount & storage - wipes system/cache/cust/data wipes dalvik cache same thing happened on 2nd installation: wipes data/cache mount & storage - wipes cust/data wipes dalvik cache & after installation wipes cache & dalvik cache same thing happened on 3rd installation: wipes data/cache mount & storage - wipes cust/data wipes dalvik cache same thing happened
  4. "application stopped" -after click on next at language select screen. -video player "application stopped" but work when you play individualy video file with player. -system not responding after fresh install this rom but after restart works perfect. i've installed 3 times this rom...
  5. can anyone tell me which governer or I/O scheduler will be perfect to stable at 1.228
  6. hey thanx dayler i will check that you said... & hey thanx marcars but i've already checked this rom, ya its stable but its not good for gaming. can both you tell me is there any way to change the dialer from other roms. only problem with dialer....
  7. pls can anyone tell me....caller id lag...&...the dialer animation is not clear then someone call me.... how can fix this problem.... this rom is like miracle.... i've been used almost every rom that placed in modaco...never find the that rom who can play hd games even subway surfer...smoothly without lag... & i used to play hd games like ckz origins,death dome,commando,gun bros 2 in GB super slim rom oc'd t 1.19ghz now using this rom...no word to say this rom's performance....its a jelly bean...& i can play every games smoothly & without little bit lag that i used to in GB super slim oc'd at 1.19ghz... this rom is the end of my search... but facing two problema...that i've mentioned above.....pls someone help me.... Regards
  8. [GB] B895-SuperSlim-V1

    thanx dayler.... using smartassv2 with noop...no restart till....no I m gona to take stability test...
  9. [GB] B895-SuperSlim-V1

    can anyone help me.... how can I get a stable oc with this rom... when I oc'd at 1.19....ph restart...using no-frills cpu
  10. can any one tell me the...exact battery backup... only calling & listening songs... and what is the gaming performance....subway surfer is playable or not?
  11. [GB] B895-SuperSlim-V1

    I've installed cpu spy...and deepsleep used 45% battery.... I didn't understand this thing?
  12. [GB] B895-SuperSlim-V1

    hey thanx buddy :-) .....ok I will check......
  13. [GB] B895-SuperSlim-V1

    can anyone help me? battery draining like a jelly bean....
  14. hi pocha...i couldnt find this below setting....using baidu v34 menu button -> home settings -> bulletin off (desktop news)
  15. Can anyone tell what is the gaming performance of this rom...?