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  1. I placed this file into /etc/ini.d/, changed premission and rebooted.. but light is always on and after 3 sec inactivity turns off...
  2. Hi everybody! Does anybody know if it's possible to disable buttons backlight on G300 without an external application ? I don't need buttons backlight :)
  3. On my previous phone (Android 2.3.7) and on my actual with stock+ this tweak via build.prop works good. This tweak does only enable data for sending mms (auto, when U sending MMS), it doesnt download any other data from other apps. I have checked it on my data consumption at operator webpage. I dont know why this tweak doesnt work on this ROM :(
  4. No, receiving is OK, but sending..
  5. Is there any way how to auto enable data to send or recieve MMS, please? On Stock+ ROM I added to build.prop line "ro.config.hw_always_allow_mms=true" and it was working. But now, when I am on CM9, adding this line to build.prop seems to do nothing :(. I have free unlimited MMS, so I dont want always enable and disable data by my own. By the way, many thanks for stable ICS CM rom, great job! :) It is a pitty that 800MHz frequency has been removed, because it was running well on my G300 and battery life was quite better, I think.