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  1. Hi, i want to flash the new leak: Jelly Bean 1.056.00_GEN1. Can I unlock the bootloader and root the phone with the method described here? Thank you
  2. Thank you man, I was waited for this.
  3. @vache, I hope to check the new leak and update your Cirrus rom if there are improvements.
  4. This happened to me because I ran out of battery and tried to power on my phone while I connected the charger. After that I had to follow the same steps in order to boot the phone again.
  5. Please post changes and improvements if there are any.
  6. Give us more information.
  7. Thanks for the help. It worked and now I have the default jelly bean lockscreen.
  8. [Request] Can you import in the next version of the ROM the default Jelly Bean lockscreen? I like it more than the slide one. Thank you
  9. Nice idea man. I had a Note 2 too before i get Cloudmobile and multiwindow is a really awesome feature.
  10. I tried to put an external Logitech keyboard and mouse combo and nothing happened. This OTG that I have worked well in my galaxy s2 and galaxy s3.
  11. i hane a USB OTG and it can't recognize USB sticks formatted either in FAT32 or in NTFS. Have anybody tested in this ROM?
  12. Thank you, I flashed the zip file. All the settings remain in English, but all the program menus converted in Greek. And the Greek language appeared in the selection menu.
  13. +1 I have Swype 1.4 from developer site and it works just fine.
  14. I installed the Rom following the instructions and everything is OK. But I have a problem. In the jelly bean leak there was the Greek language in the menu. But in this Rom the Greek language is missing. Can you upload a zip file to flash with the Greek language please?
  15. Thank you man, I'll try it

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