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  1. Hi, i want to flash the new leak: Jelly Bean 1.056.00_GEN1. Can I unlock the bootloader and root the phone with the method described here? Thank you
  2. Thank you man, I was waited for this.
  3. @vache, I hope to check the new leak and update your Cirrus rom if there are improvements.
  4. [ROM] Cirrus ROM v1.0.5b [04/02/2013]

    This happened to me because I ran out of battery and tried to power on my phone while I connected the charger. After that I had to follow the same steps in order to boot the phone again.
  5. Please post changes and improvements if there are any.
  6. [ROM] Cirrus ROM v1.0.5b [04/02/2013]

    Give us more information.
  7. [ROM] Cirrus ROM v1.0.5b [04/02/2013]

    Thanks for the help. It worked and now I have the default jelly bean lockscreen.
  8. [ROM] Cirrus ROM v1.0.5b [04/02/2013]

    [Request] Can you import in the next version of the ROM the default Jelly Bean lockscreen? I like it more than the slide one. Thank you
  9. [PORT][JB]Note II's Multi Window [alpha]

    Nice idea man. I had a Note 2 too before i get Cloudmobile and multiwindow is a really awesome feature.
  10. [ROM] Cirrus ROM v1.0.5b [04/02/2013]

    I tried to put an external Logitech keyboard and mouse combo and nothing happened. This OTG that I have worked well in my galaxy s2 and galaxy s3.
  11. [ROM] Cirrus ROM v1.0.5b [04/02/2013]

    i hane a USB OTG and it can't recognize USB sticks formatted either in FAT32 or in NTFS. Have anybody tested in this ROM?
  12. [ROM] Cirrus ROM v1.0.5b [04/02/2013]

    Thank you, I flashed the zip file. All the settings remain in English, but all the program menus converted in Greek. And the Greek language appeared in the selection menu.
  13. [ROM] Cirrus ROM v1.0.5b [04/02/2013]

    +1 I have Swype 1.4 from developer site and it works just fine.
  14. [ROM] Cirrus ROM v1.0.5b [04/02/2013]

    I installed the Rom following the instructions and everything is OK. But I have a problem. In the jelly bean leak there was the Greek language in the menu. But in this Rom the Greek language is missing. Can you upload a zip file to flash with the Greek language please?
  15. [ROM] Cirrus ROM v1.0.5b [04/02/2013]

    Thank you man, I'll try it