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  1. m@f

    PadFone Infinity

    you are my new best friend.. thanks for sharing.. now i got root on my padfone 2 with the new changed motherboard that asus unlock tool don't support anymore..
  2. try this.. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2130276 worked for my device... now I'm happy..
  3. oh that really sucks... :angry: well must live with no root then....
  4. yes you're right..sadly . i decided to try running the unlock tool from asus and it just gave me the " there is no internet connection" therefore we have to wait for asus to upgrade their tool to include the new mb as well..
  5. and that's why I ask.... has anyone tried to unlock and root with success..?:mellow:
  6. to root ;) the known issue is the phone just die and can't boot up anymore.. in any way and can't connect to it by computer and so... i didn't get a brand new unit but the same one with a changed mb.. i don't want to brick my phone and that's the reason i wrote here to know if anyone have done the root again including the unlock tool after changed the mb..
  7. my unit has also been at service with the known issue and changed the mb. haven't found an definitely answer about this.. is it safe to use asus unlock tool after changed motherboard?
  8. Did a check on Asus site. Wwe version not there? http://www.asus.com/Tablets_Mobile/PadFone2/#support_Download
  9. Luckily no coating problem here.. got mine late December..
  10. Another forum gave me this hint. Reboot when docked It indeed helped to restart the phone docked after clear cache, clear data and force close the play app undocked... Thanks a lot:)
  11. didn't work with the app I tried https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.intsig.camscannerhd Could you try this as well and maybe tell me which other app you succeeded this step at:-)
  12. I have a request and hoping someone here can fix.. When using the phone docked in the padstation and browsing google play it's still recognized as a phone. Then we still can't install tab-only apps. Does anyone know how to bypass this.? Or do we need to tweak our setup to accomplish the google play tablet demands. Could it be something in the build.prop file or like that? Sendt fra min PadFone 2 med Tapatalk2
  13. I'd tried Sms backup+ My backup root Backup and restored without problems..