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  1. Pa sta bolje za te pare? :D Znas kakav zvuk imaju pffff, moj cale radi kao basista i ima neke kljalfjasjl znj jebene slusalice, ali kaze da bi lako mogao raditi i sa ovima, ne kajem se nimalo. :)
  2. Cudno, mislim da si ti upravo smanjio 'koeficijent inteligencije'. :) Juce sam dobio beats, sve normalno radi. :)
  3. Hey guys, I bought monster beats by dr dre studio version and I was wondering if Im gonna be able to hear the music? On the kickass rom they said its gonna work fine, so I dont know if its working on every rom sins kickass rom, which Im using right now, has beats audio... Vidim da ima i srba ovde, da li je neko probao? Originalne su beats. Thanks. Hvala, :)
  4. Hey guys, Im buying studio beats by dr dre headphones and I was wondering if they will work on this phone? Im on this rom, kickass v1.1 and I thinks its the best rom for this phone, Ive seen that youve put in some beats audio stuff and can you please tell me will headphones work?
  5. Hello, I wanna ask, Im buying beats headphones by dr dre and I was wondering if they will work on this phone? Telenor Touch Plus/Vivacity, if there is a way to make it work, please share it with me, I dont wanna get stuck with my computer.
  6. Just flash the rom and kernel again, it happened to me too
  7. Just flas the rom and kernel again, it happened to me too
  8. Yes my bad... not the stock rom but the stock kernel... but after I rebooted the phone, camera went upside down again :( but when you turn the phone to the side it appears fine... btw BATTERY LIFE IS AWFUL
  9. Doesnt work even with the stock kernel... Vivacity... I really like it... can someone who has vivacity try it with some kernel and post it here?
  10. Just flash the rom again... upside down issue fixed with the stock tmv rom... but cant overclock it... Rom is working great... it would be nice to add music controls on the lockscreen and in the notf. bar... Very nice rom, just needs few updates Thanks :-)
  11. Can someone give me a tmv kernel? It would be nice if someone could fix the upside dow issue... it very nice rom :) Thanks
  12. I like atomicmod cuz it has ics ui and it has all functions... I'll try both, thanks :)