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  1. Ok fellas, I would like to ask you as more experienced in this forum than me, do you know any ROMs that are HTC - like or even better, a copy of HTC Sense.. ?! I will appreciate any help. Loads of lots of kilos of thanks in advance :)
  2. WHEW! I forgot that I'm the biggest hacker ever to be on this planet.. :D I made it :) Now I'm on the loading screen aaaannnnndddd...Hmm it's takin' lots of time to load but I guess that's normall since it's first time to load.. Aaand here it is :) I'm wellcome :) I installed this Paranoid Jelly 4.1.2 the one that C3C0 made. Let's try it out :)
  3. Well I thought so and yes I tried to reach it from there but my pc does not detects the SD Card..
  4. OK I'm STUCK! I am done with the TPT helper but now I haven't downloaded ROM and I'm stuck at CWM Recovery.. How can I abort this so I can enter the SD Card through the phone and upload on it some ROM to try ?!
  5. Ye i know that :) Now the problem is that I'm searching for TPT Helper but i have no wi-fi at the moment.. I hope there is somewhere where i can download it thru PC
  6. OK! That sounds great! Well I guess I will try the first way to do the things, without rooting. I'm starting now. Hope everything will be fine.. I RLY HOPE because I don't have a cd with drivers for Skate.. lost my box somewhere and now I don't have nothing with it.. :D Aaand starting, let's see what will happen :)
  7. Well I guess that it would be better to not install custom ROM.. I guess.. I need to change the performance of the telephone. Also I would like to try ICS on Skate.. I wanna see if It's going to change the performance and is it going to work well on my phone.. If not then I will try other roms that are 2.3.x . But the biggest question here is how can i know which ROM is custom? I mean there are lots of ROMs here.. ?!
  8. Guys I simply want to remove my stupid Orange branded OS and install new ROM! Now I saw that i need to do it with root/flash/CWM etc. But I never saw organized topic about that. Also this such important to me FAQ about the root (for beginner) is obviously gone and no one seems to have it rePosted.. So please be kind and help me, I DON'T STAND THIS STUPID ROM! It's bugged like hell.. even hell is not that bugged up.. so please ladies and gentleman, explain here or in a new thread how to do the full procedure of root/flash/install and so on. Lots of thanks in advance for the one who is willing to help :)