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  1. [ROM] AOKP 4.1.2

    good ;) can you port a miui v5 based on cm10?
  2. [CM10][4.1.2] Unofficial builds (v7)

    sometimes when i send a message the screen freeze and i had to remove battery
  3. Questions about the Acer CloudMobile

    yes it happens but every phone with continues focus do this
  4. Questions about the Acer CloudMobile

    expansys sell only -3 cpu and no there isn't a -2 model
  5. Questions about the Acer CloudMobile

    the cloudmobile sold by expansys are cpu type -3, they not have problem the version -1 have problem, like death pixel
  6. Questions about the Acer CloudMobile

    1 for me the call quality is good 2 in the video there is a continuos focus, you can't use touch focus 3 yes, at 1920x1088 4 for me 1:30 h 5 the photos and videos are good (not at the same level of a galaxy s3 for example)
  7. [CM10][4.1.2] Unofficial builds (v7)

    to resolve every problem of compatibility add this line in build.prop: ro.opengles.version=131072
  8. [CM10][4.1.2] Unofficial builds (v7)

    when i'm on launcher and when i send a message
  9. [CM10][4.1.2] Unofficial builds (v7)

    for me reboot two times in one hour reboot doesn't work (i have to remove battery) the front camera is limited to vga resolution and the rom still doesn't support opengl es 2.0
  10. [CM10][4.1.2] Unofficial builds (v7)

    i've found the problem of the non compatible apps on the play store, the phone with this build doesn't support opengl es 2.0 but only the 1.1

    without change any setting in benchmark the score of dmd kernel are lower then stock: stock: DMD:
  12. [CM10][4.1.2] Unofficial builds (v7)

    I see that headphone are an issue, but they works for me in v3..
  13. [CM10][4.1.2] Unofficial builds (v7)

    Go to settings, advance, then turn on and of eco mode, it works ;)
  14. [CM10][4.1.2] Unofficial builds (v7)

    I think is -1 cpu problem, because i on -3 i don t have this problem..
  15. [CM10][4.1.2] Unofficial builds (v7)

    When you have screen flicker?